Rotary Youth Exchange is a club and student driven program.  For every student that the club and D5500 sends outbound, D5500 and the club receives an inbound student.

RYE is the best exchange program out there because of our Rotarians and our clubs!  Over 8,000 students each year go on exchange because of you!  On this site, you will find general information for potential outbound students, as well as information for host families.  This site is only a brief overview.

The District RYE Committee and Rotex (students who have gone on exchange in previous years) and current inbound students have presentations available for you club, as well as presentations and ideas to help you recruit potential outbound students.  We would love the chance to come to your club to talk about the benefits of RYE to your club and community.

Training is provided to club committees on setting up and maintaining a program that operates within the scope of Rotary International and Department of State regulations.  Training is scheduled in the spring of each Rotary year, but we are also happy to arrange a time to meet with your club RYE committee independently.

Please contact the district YEO to schedule a program or to conduct a training or to ask for additional information about this program.  There is a contact tab on this website to facilitate contacting the YEO or refer to your district directory.

Below are videos and a timeline that may be of assistance to Rotarians and clubs.

Check out the links to the right to learn more about Rotary Youth Exchange and club responsibilities as well as watching the link below to see the benefits to the student, club and community by participating in RYE.  Remember, we’re promoting peace one student at a time!


RYE Timeline for Clubs:

July:  Welcome your inbound student and prepare to say goodbye to your outbound student

August:  Clubs should continue recruiting at their local high school for potential outbound students.  Our inbound students attend a district facilitated orientation.

September:  Clubs continue their recruitment efforts of students and ensure that all host families have been selected and fully vetted.

October:  Clubs collect applications and conduct interviews of all potential applicants.  The clubs select their candidate(s) and submit the applications for the district selection process.

November:  All outbound candidate applications are due by November 1 to the district.

December:  Begin recruiting host families for the following Rotary year and appoint an outbound counselor.

January:  Inbound and Outbound students attend RYLA, so please make sure that your students have submitted the applications for these RYE students.

February:  Outbound students and their parents attend a mandatory district RYE orientation.  Outbound candidates turn in their list of potential host families to the club YEO.  Invite your outbound student to attend Rotary meetings and to assist with fundraisers and service projects.

March:  District training for Club counselors and Local Area Coordinators is conducted.

April:  Complete the Guarantee form and submit to district YEO by May 1.  The guarantee form is then sent overseas so your student can begin the process of applying for a visa and making airline reservations to come to D5500, Arizona.  Recruiting begins again for outbound students from your local high schools.  Also, continuation of host family selections and vetting of these families is ongoing.

May:  Your outbound student should be attending your club monthly if possible.  Schedule the inbound student for their final presentation to your club.

June:  Say goodbye to your inbound student and make sure your outbound student has had a chance to practice their presentation about Arizona to your club and provide a few of the club banners to them.

July:  Prepare for the arrival of your inbound student.  Introduce the club to your student by reading a bit of info off of their application.  Some clubs will pass around a sign up sheet for members to commit to one activity or outing with the student during the year.  Invite the first host family to a club meeting so they get to know some of the members.