Who, What, When And Most Importantly

WHY Would Anyone Study Abroad For A Year?

Who:  Any student of good standing between the ages of 15 and 18.5 may apply to spend the year aborad as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student.  Rotary Youth Exchange Students come from private and public schools and the majority of our students do not have parents or relatives that are associated with Rotary.

What:  It is a program where you live with 2 to 4 host families in the course of the year while attending high school.

When:  Students may opt to go abroad during their Junior year of high school or Senior year.  Some students may go after they graduate, but some of our graduated seniors are too old for the program and some countries are not available to you if you have already graduated.  Our students who go out during their junior year of high school plan ahead of time to take extra classes either during their 10th and 12th grade year, head to summer school or take an online class or two so that when they return they are on track to graduate.

Where:  Rotary Youth Exchange is found throughout the world.  We have students in over 80 countries, so be prepared for an adventure of a lifetime.  Keep in mind that although we will ask you what countries you would like to go to, those choices may not be available or best suited to your exchange year.

Why?  Many students will answer why not.


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Yes, I’m Interested!  How Do I Apply

Step One:  Contact your local Rotary Club (see the link in the sidebar).  Most local Rotary Clubs conduct interviews in October so you will want your application completed by the club deadline, so find out when it is.  Sometimes you have to try a few times to get in touch with a local Rotarian.  If you are having difficulties with this, please fill out our contact/email form on this website.

Step Two:  Fill out the Long Term Application.  Remember that you need to allow time for your doctor and dentist appointments.  Also, you will need four original copies of the application, so read the directions carefully.

Step Three:  If you are selected by your local club, you will then be interviewed at the district level in November.  If accepted, be prepared for orientations, training sessions and then the year of your life!