A Year Abroad In The United States


             SCRYE TOUR INFORMATION – Reserve your spot early, as space fills up quickly!

These are the ONLY tours that D5500 will allow RYE students to use and all of them are fantastic opportunities.  Tours are optional for our inbound D5500 students and are at the cost of the student and their parents.  We recommend that you apply no later than December.  Check out their websites to learn more!

South Central Ambassador Tours - Several tour options including a 2 week bus trip to either the East Coast or the West Coast.  Most of the Arizona students will select the east coast tour.

USA Tour - You meet up with the tour in Denver Colorado and for Arizona students it ends in Chicago Illinois where you can either depart from Chicago and return home or fly back to Arizona for a few days before departing for home.

*These tours do not include airfare from Tucson or Phoenix.