Have You Considered Hosting A Student?

What Types Of Families Open Their Doors To A Rotary Youth Exchange Student?

All types, that’s who!


Hosting a student from another country is a wonderful and unique opportunity for your family.  In the Rotary Youth Exchange program, students will live with at least two host families during their year in the United States.  Oftentimes, students may have three or four families.  The student, on average, lives with your family for approximately four months.  During this time, the student becomes a member of your family, not a guest, for the rest of your lives.  Frequently, host families find themselves traveling abroad to see their Rotary son or daughter years after they have hosted them in their home.  More often than not, your Rotary son or daughter will return to visit their adopted country and family!

Who are our host families?  Youth Exchange families come from all walks of life.  Some  families do not have high school aged children at all.  They may have younger children or no children at all.  They may have already raised their children and may be grandparents.  What do our families have in common?  An interest in learning about another culture.  A heart large enough to welcome a son or daughter into their home, as well as an open mind to embrace  a different life and culture that the student living with you will bring with him or her.  Our families are open to accepting him or her for his or her differences.

Application Process:  All families must complete an application and be approved by their local Rotary Club and by District 5500 Rotary Youth Exchange personnel.  The process of acceptance, after an application is submitted, is for each family member over the age of 18 must have a criminal background search conducted, references are checked, as well as a trained representative coming to your home to complete the home visit and, of course, a mandatory orientation.  Contact us today for more information.

For our host families, Rotary provides ongoing support to the host parents, as well as the student the entire time the child is in your home.  We provide training and orientations for the families, but also for our inbound student.  Students will also attend Rotary events throughout the year, where we are able to continue helping them with any problems that may arise.  We believe that there is not a better support group for our families to ensure the best experience possible.

Contact us today for more information about becoming a host family!